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Man in The High Castle: 


Grecian Inspired:

Hunger Games Inspired:

Vikings Inspired:

Once Upon A Time Inspired:

The Hobbit/Lord of The Rings Inspired:

Snow White & The Huntsman Inspired/Winter's War:

The White Queen/The White Princess Inspired:

Thor Inspired:

World Without End Inspired:

Black Death Inspired:

Celebrity Inspired:

Twilight Inspired:

The Vampire Diaries Inspired:

The Borgias Inspired:

Romeo & Juliet Inspired:

Holiday Inspired Ideas:

Black Sails Inspired:

Outlander Inspired.

Crimson Peak Inspired.

Penny Dreadful Inspired Hair:

BBC's Merlin, Inspired Hair:

The Shannara Chronicles

The 100:

Into The Badlands:

Pride, Prejudice & Zombies:

Galavant Inspired Hair:

DC's Legend of Tomorrow Hair:

FX's Taboo:

Wonder Woman Inspired

Star Wars Inspired Hair:

Braids, Hairstyles & Misc Media Inspired Hair:

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