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Valentine's Day French "Pull Through" Braid.

A few weeks ago a subscriber sent me a fantastic picture of a braid that reminded me of little upside down hearts. All I could think was, "how perfect for Valentine's Day," and so I set out to figure it out! After much experimentation I nailed it, and here it is! It's actually super easy to do, and involves no braiding at all. In fact, its only a series of small ponytails.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video (and I know it'll be something I'm asked) is, "What's the take down like?"

Its actually surprisingly easy, and thats because I normally just cut the little elastics out with scissors. I'd definitely suggest using some small clear bands for this, because they usually come in a bag or box of about a hundred, and it doesn't matter if you break them. I kind of think of them as being disposable, in the same way band aids are, and at a buck or so for a pack, I'm sort of the opinion is easier, and safer for my hair to just snip them out!

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day! XO

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