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On this is page, you will find pictures or links for hairstyles that have been requested, by you! My viewers and friends from Youtube! Scroll down to see where your request falls on the list!

1. Juliet, played by Hailee Steinfeld, as requested by Patrica!


Patrica put together a lovely little collage of the young actress wearing the style she liked, and its super pretty! I'm really looking forward to trying it out!

2. Dany Targaryen, from Game of Thrones, as requested by Sara!


Interestingly enough, I've actually covered this style already, but the video is several years old, so I've told Sara I'd be happy to do an updated style.

3. Diane Kruger's double braid buns, as requested by Victoria. 


This is a gorgeous style, but obviously requires some false hair. Gotta get the extensions ready for this one!

4. Juliana requested hairstyles from Spartacus. Its been a long time since I've seen that show, so it should be fun going back and rewatching some of those scenes.

5. Lucille from Crimson Peak! I'm looking forward to this one! The character is so wonderfully dark!

6. Patricia asked me to try out the White Queen's braid from a scene in The Huntsman film. She even found a really great link for me to study!

7. Dana sent me some images from Zorro! The character is Elena de la Vega, and the scene is alot of fun! Not to mention she found me great material to look at!

© 2014 by Ladollyvita33. 

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